Undercover Soldiers Kill A Palestinian In Tulkarem

06:00 Mar 23 2023 Izbat Shufa (عزبة شوفة)

Undercover Soldiers Kill A Palestinian In Tulkarem
Amir Emad Abu Khadija, 25. Published by IMEMC News and Haaretz

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by IMEMC News
March 23, 2023

On Thursday dawn, undercover Israeli soldiers killed a young Palestinian man in the Izbat Shoufa area in Tulkarem, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Media sources said undercover soldiers infiltrated the Shoufa area and surrounded a home before killing Amir Emad Abu Khadija, 25.

The Israeli army claimed Amir exchanged fire with the undercover officers who attempted to abduct him before they shot him dead.

The army also alleged that Amir was involved in several shooting attacks against Israeli colonizers and soldiers.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said Amir was shot in the head and suffered skull fractures, brain hemorrhaging, and several gunshot wounds to his lower extremities before his body was moved to Thabet Thabet governmental hospital.

The Palestinians in Tulkarem declared a commercial strike to mourn the slain young man.

Palestinian Armed Group Commander Killed in West Bank by Israeli Fire

Undercover border policemen and IDF forces raided an apartment where Amir Imad Abu Khadija was hiding, according to a police statement

by Jack Khoury for Haaretz
Mar 23, 2023 12:11 pm IST

A 25-year-old Palestinian was killed on Thursday by gunfire from Israeli security forces in the village of Izbat Shufa near Tulkarm in the western West Bank.

Palestinian sources identified the man as Amir Imad Abu Khadija, commander of the Tulkarm Squad, a local armed group. Undercover Border policemen and Israeli forces raided an apartment where Khadija was hiding, according to an Israeli police statement.

The statement reads that Khadija participated in several shooting attacks against Israeli settlements and security forces and was also reported to have pulled a weapon on the forces before being shot dead. Another person who helped Khadija reportedly turned himself in and was transferred to the investigation of the General Security Service. During the operation, Khadija's weapons were seized.

Last week, four Palestinians were killed in Jenin following an IDF operation, two of the victims were members of the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. Large Israeli army forces reportedly entered the refugee camp in search of three Islamic Jihad members wanted by the security establishment.

Three of the four Palestinians were identified as Nedal Khazem,28, Yousef Khreim,29 and Omar Awadin,16, who were shot and killed by Israeli forces. Khazem was related to Ra’ad Hazem who killed three people at a Tel Aviv bar in April 2022.

The raid left 18 others wounded, four critically, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported.
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