Israeli Soldiers Abduct Thirteen Palestinians, Shoot One, In West Bank

03:00 Nov 10 2022 Jerusalem's Old City (البلدة القديمة‎, הָעִיר הָעַתִּיקָה‎ ), Ni'lin (نعلين), Hebron (الخليل), Aida refugee camp (مخيم عايده), Qalqilya (قلقيلية), Burqa (بُرقه), and Jenin (جنين)

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Thirteen Palestinians, Shoot One, In West Bank
Scene. "Abduction in Ramallah" Published by IMEMC News

by IMEMC News
Nov 10, 2022

On Thursday dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted thirteen Palestinians, including siblings and a wounded young man, after the army stormed and ransacked many homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank. The soldiers also shot a young man in Jenin.

In occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers invaded the Sa’diyya neighborhood in the Old City, leading to protests, and abducted two young men, Nizar Jaber and Nizar Tuffaha.

In Ramallah, in the central West Bank, the soldiers abducted Ali Salah Srour from his home in Ni’lin town, west of the city.

In Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West bank, the soldiers abducted Adham Yousef Rajoub, 26, and his brothers, Saqer, 21, and Laith, 19, in addition to Mohammad Arif Al-Atrash.

In Bethlehem, the soldiers invaded the ‘Aida refugee camp north of the city, searched homes, and abducted Nour Atallah Mashayikh, 18.

Media sources said that, a week ago, the soldiers shot Nour with a live round in the thigh during an invasion of the refugee camp, and he is still recovering from his wounds.

The soldiers also closed the iron gate at the northern entrance of Tuqu’ town, southeast of Bethlehem, and prevented the Palestinians from crossing just hours after the army invaded the town and fired gas bombs and concussion grenades at Palestinians, protesting the invasion.

In Qalqilia, in the northern West Bank, the soldiers invaded and ransacked several homes in the city before abducting Osama Ahmad Sabri, Anas Mahmoud Sabri, and his brother Osama.

In Nablus, in the northern West Bank, the soldiers invaded Burqa town northwest of the city, searched a few homes, and abducted Abdul-Latif Ayman Abu Omar.

In Jenin, the soldiers surrounded the home of a Palestinian, Sidqi Al-Mer’ey, who is believed to be a member of an armed resistance group, and detonated the front door before storming the property.

His brother said the soldiers beat him up and cuffed him while interrogating him and asking him about Sidqi. Then, the soldiers stormed and ransacked the property in the Eastern Neighborhood and abducted Sidqi.

Many Palestinians protested the invasion and hurled stones at the soldiers who fired many live rounds, wounding a young man in the leg.

During the invasion of Jenin, the soldiers exchanged fire with Palestinian fighters, especially in the Eastern Neighborhood, before the soldiers occupied rooftops to use as sniper posts.

Nizar Jaber and Nizar Tuffaha detained 11/10/2022
Ali Salah Srour detained 11/10/2022
Adham Yousef Rajoub, 26, and his brothers, Saqer, 21, and Laith, 19, and Mohammad Arif Al-Atrash detained 11/10/2022
Nour Atallah Mashayikh, 18 detained 11/10/2022
Osama Ahmad Sabri, Anas Mahmoud Sabri, and his brother Osama detained 11/10/2022
Abdul-Latif Ayman Abu Omar detained 11/10/2022
Sidqi Al-Mer’ey detained 11/10/2022
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