Israeli Soldiers Abduct Five Palestinians, Including A Journalist And A Child In Jerusalem

18:00 Apr 28 2022 Qalandia (قلنديا, Kalandia) terminal, Jerusalem ( القُدس , ירושלים ), near al-Aqsa Compound ( ٱلْمَسْجِد ٱلْأَقْصَىٰ), al-Isawiya ( لعيساوية‎l ), and Sheikh Jarrah ( الشيخ جراح‎)

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Five Palestinians, Including A Journalist And A Child In Jerusalem
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April 29, 2022

Israeli soldiers abducted Thursday evening, five Palestinians, including a child, a journalist, and a woman, in occupied Jerusalem, in the West Bank.

Media sources said the soldiers abducted a journalist, Ayman Qawareeq, 36, while crossing the Qalandia terminal, north of occupied Jerusalem.

They added that the abducted journalist is from Awarta village, southeast of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, while was heading to Jerusalem to pray in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In addition, the soldiers abducted a child, only fourteen years of age, after stopping him at Salahuddin Street in Jerusalem.

The child, who remained unidentified at the time of this report, is from Anata, northeast of Jerusalem.

The soldiers also abducted a young man, Bassem Zghayyar, after stopping him near Bab al-Asbat near the al-Aqsa Mosque.

In the al-Isawiya town in Jerusalem, the soldiers abducted a Palestinian woman and took her to an interrogation facility. Her abduction comes only a day after the army abducted her son.

In addition, the soldiers assaulted and abducted a young man, Anas Abu Naab, by the rail station near the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Ayman Qawareeq, 36, from Awarta, detained 4/28/2022
An unidentified Palestinian child, 14, reported detained 4/28/2022
Bassem Zghayyar detained 4/28/2022
An unidentified Palestinian woman reported detained 4/28/2022
Anas Abu Naab detained 4/28/2022
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