Army Detains Twelve Palestinians from the West Bank

06:00 Nov 18 2021 Ya’bad (يعبد), Qalqilia (قلقيلية), Harmala, Bethlehem ( بيت لحم), Doha (al-Dawha, الدوحة), Za’tara (زعتره), Beit Fajjar (بيت فجّار), and Husan (حوسان)

Army Detains Twelve Palestinians from the West Bank
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Nov 18, 2021

Israeli forces invaded, at dawn Thursday, several towns in the occupied West Bank and detained twelve Palestinian civilians after storming and searching their homes, according to the Jerusalem (Quds) Press.

In the northern West Bank, south of Jenin city, soldiers invaded Ya’bad town and detained four Palestinian men, identified as Ahmed Talib Abu Bakr, his brother Bilal Abu Bakr, Abdul-Jabbar Anfiat, and Muhammad Ghassan Qabha.

The army stormed and searched the home of Musa Abu Libdeh, in the city of Qalqilia in the northwestern part of the West Bank, before detaining him and taking him to an unknown location.

Israeli forces stormed the southern part of the West Bank and detained seven young men from in and around Bethlehem city, after invading and searching their homes.

The young men were identified as Issa Yassin Al-Arouj, 22, from Harmala village, east of the city, Musab Taha Al-Arouj, 25, from Bethlehem, Wael Subhi Al-Azza, 42, from Doha town, west of the city, Musab Khaled Tafesh, 30, from Za’tara, Musab Diriyah, 30, from Beit Fajjar, Muhammad Ibrahim Sabatien, 21, and the child Zaki Taysir Za’oul, 17, from Husan village, west of the city.

~ Jerusalem (Quds) Press, WAFA

Ahmed Talib Abu Bakr, his brother Bilal Abu Bakr, Abdul-Jabbar Anfiat, and Muhammad Ghassan Qabha detained 11/18/2021
Musa Abu Libdeh detained 11/18/2021
Musab Taha Al-Arouj, 25, detained 11/18/2021
Wael Subhi Al-Azza, 42, detained 11/18/2021
usab Khaled Tafesh, 30, detained 11/18/2021
Musab Diriyah, 30, detained 11/18/2021
Muhammad Ibrahim Sabatien, 21, and Zaki Taysir Za’oul, 17, detained 11/18/2021
Issa Yassin Al-Arouj, 22, detained 11/18/2021
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