Video: The Silence of the Lambs: On the violence of the security forces against animals and people during the illegal destruction of the village of Ta’ale in South Hebron Hills

12:00 Feb 16 2012 Ta'ale (Saadet Thaalah ), south Hebron Hills

15 sheep were buried under the rubbles. Photo: Comet-ME

When the security forces demolished structures in Ta’ale, violating the Supreme Court’s order, they did not pity the animals. A horrifying story of destruction and death. Please tell people this story so they will know the conduct of the security forces in South Hebron Hills. The community in Ta’ale was left without a future and a chance to survive.

On Wednesday February 16th, despite the agreement that was reached with the General Attorney, the Civil Administration demolished structures in Ta’ale. A shack, that was home to 8 people was demolished, and two cisterns and 4 animals pens were destroyed. One of them was destroyed with 15 lambs and a dovecote inside of it. In addition to the severe violation of human rights, the demolitions were accompanied by cruelty to the village’s animals. We can see here that impermeability of one group trickles and we can see it in the peoples general behavior. From testimonies we heard we see that the security forces that carried out the demolitions did not give enough time to take out the animals: goats, sheep and cows.

Many animals were injured during the demolitions when they were recklessly evacuated, and if they were not evacuated they were injured and died from the destruction itself. During the demolitions, some of them were seen running frightened and helpless. Rabbis for Human Rights activists were told that the soldiers kicked and hurt some animals. In addition to Rabbis for Human Rights, Let the Animals Live organization wrote a protest letter to the different government officials (Hebrew):

A letter to the police: animals’ abuse during demolitions in Ta’ale
A letter by Adv. Quamar Mishirqi-Asad to the security forces on the demolitions in Ta’ale that opposed the agreement with the General Attorney in Supreme Court case 8125/05
A letter from Let the Animals Live organization to the police on : animal abuse during demolitions in Ta’ale
A letter from Let the Animals Live organization to the Military Criminal Investigation Division and the police Internal Affairs department on animals’ abuse during demolitions in Ta’ale

To summarize: the security forces conduct was against the agreement between RHR lawyers and the Supreme Court. During the demolition, the security forces showed inhumane violence against the animals and cruelty towards the infrastructure of the community. The security forces did not consider the future of the village residents and severely damaged its survival chances. We took all the steps in order to complain to all the public authorities that suppose to have control over the security forces actions and will update when we have answers.

Filled the Cisterns with Shit

The security forces demolished two cisterns that were used by animals. The cisterns were filled with dirt, rubbish and sheep excrement. The security forces did not take into consideration that Ta’ale is a far and isolated village in a desert area and is not connected to running water. The cisterns are the only source to water the animals. It is a great abuse of human rights and it damages the future of the civilian population of area C. Israel has no right to damage the texture of the community in this destructive and disgraceful way.

The damage also included the destruction of some pens that were used as a shelter for the animals from the cold, rain and predators. Now the animals remain without any shelter. The animals’ medicine was also buried underneath the rubble.

A few videos that document the demolitions that impacted on the animals
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