Update: “Israeli Soldiers Kill One Child, Injure 112 Palestinians In Nablus”

12:00 Mar 11 2020 Jabal al-'Arma mountain, on outskirts of Beita

Mohammad Abdul-Karim Hamayel, 15. Published by IMEMC News

Islam Dweikat, 22. Published by Palestine Chronicle

by IMEMC News
March 11, 2020

The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported that Israeli soldiers killed, Thursday, one child, and injured at least 112 Palestinians, during the ongoing protest on the al-‘Arma Mountain, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The Ministry said the child, Mohammad Abdul-Karim Hamayel, 15, was shot with an expanding bullet in the head, and he was rushed to a local hospital before succumbing to his serious wounds.

Tarif Ashour, the spokesperson of the Health Ministry, said at least thirteen Palestinians were rushed to Rafidia governmental hospital, including a child, seventeen years of age, who was shot with two rubber-coated steel bullets in his head, before he was rushed to surgery, and remains in critical condition.

Shortly afterward, the soldiers shot two Palestinians with rubber-coated steel bullets in their heads, causing hemorrhaging in the brain; one of them remains in life-threatening condition.

In addition, a journalist working for the Palestinian TV, identified as Bakr Abdul-Haq, was shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet in his lead, and at least thirteen other residents were shot with similar rounds.

The total number of injuries stood at more than 112 Palestinians at the time of this report, among them, 90 were suffered the severe effects of teargas inhalation, and eighteen who were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets.

The soldiers also abducted at least three young men, after more than 40 additional military vehicles invaded the area.

The protests are still ongoing as more soldiers and fanatic illegal colonists continue to flock to the mountain and prevented many Palestinian ambulances from approaching it.

The head of the Beita Fuad Maali Village Council told Wafa reporters that scores of illegal Israeli colonists began storming the mountain last night and are still in the place, explaining that hundreds of Palestinian citizens remain stationed on the mountain to repel their invasion.

Ghassan Douglas, a Palestinian Authority official who monitors Israel’s colonialist activities, said that there have been calls by colonists to storm the mountain, in an attempt to control an archaeological historical site above its summit, and install an illegal colony after occupying the entire Palestinian Mountain.

Updated From:
Israeli Troops Fire at Palestinian Protesters Near Nablus, Wounding 17
– Mar 11, 2020, at 12:04

Israeli soldiers shot and injured 17 Palestinian civilians Tuesday with live bullets and rubber-coated metal bullets, as well as firing tear gas at demonstrators who gathered at the Al-Arma Mountain south of Nablus, in the northern West Bank.

The Head of the Committee Against the Israeli Wall and Settlements, Walid Assaf, was among those injured during the demonstration, which took place near the town of Beita, south of Nablus.

Two Palestinians were hit with live bullets and both are in serious condition at Rafidia Hospital. In addition, four Palestinians wounded from rubber-coated steel bullets were also taken to Rafidia. Three others were taken to Huwwara hospital with complications resulting from tear gas inhalation.

Among those injured was a reporter for Palestine TV, Bakr Abdel-Haq.

The Ministry of Health told reporters with the Palestinian Wafa news agency that the medical teams dealt with 17 injuries during the demonstrations taking place in the area, including two with live bullets, both of which are serious injuries.

The Israeli forces prevented ambulances from reaching the area, and the soldiers assaulted the Palestine TV crew.

The head of the Beita Fuad Maali Village Council told Wafa reporters that illegal Israeli settlers began storming the mountain last night and are still in the place, explaining that hundreds of Palestinian citizens are still stationed on the mountain to repel the invasion of Israeli settlers.

He added that a large number of military jeeps stormed the mountain at dawn, and the soldiers attacked a peaceful sit-in there, by firing a barrage of live bullets, metal bullets, and sound and gas bombs towards them, which led to the casualties.

Hundreds of citizens flocked last night to the top of Mount Al-Arma, which belongs to the villagers of Beita, and held a sit-in there, following an invasion of the mountain by Israeli settlers.

Ghassan Douglas, a Palestinian Authority official who monitors Israel’s colonialist activities, said that there have been calls by settlers to storm the mountain, in an attempt to control an archaeological historical site above its summit.

It is reported that the residents of the village, and the neighboring towns and villages, responded to previous attempts by the settlers to storm the top of the mountain two weeks ago.

Palestinian Shot by Israeli Forces near Nablus Succumbs to Wounds

Palestine Chronicle
April 2, 2020

A young Palestinian has died from wounds sustained three weeks ago when Israeli military forces opened fire on hundreds of people protesting against encroaching illegal Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank.

The 22-year-old, identified on Wednesday as Islam Dweikat, was shot on March 11 along the outskirts of Nablus, according to the Palestinian health ministry. Wafa, the official Palestinian news agency, quoted a local official as saying he was shot by a rubber-coated bullet.

“Following his injury, Dweikat was moved to a couple of local hospitals, where he underwent several operations and stayed in a coma until he was pronounced dead this evening,” Wafa said.

#IOF clash with #Palestinian protesters who have been on an open ended vigil in Jabal Al Arma mountain, on the outskirt of Beita village in the West Bank , to protest Israeli attempts to take the mountain over from settlement purposes , yesterday #GroupPalestine
February 29, 2020

Mohammed Hamayel, 15, was also killed after being shot in the face by Israeli live fire on March 11, the ministry said at the time. At least 18 other Palestinians were wounded.

On March 11, scores of Israeli military vehicles stormed the area of Mount Al-‘Arma, also known in Arabic as Jabal al-‘Arma, on the outskirts of Beita town, near Nablus, and assaulted Palestinians who gathered atop the mountain to fend off an Israeli settlers’ attempt to seize it.

The confrontation left 93 people injured by Israeli live fire and rubber bullets.

Jabal al-‘Arma, which spreads over 250 dunums, is one of the most archeological sites in Nablus, and the highest peak in Beita.

According to historians, it has been inhabited since the early Bronze Age, about 3,200 years ago.

Such features make the mountain a prime target for Jewish settlers as colonial settlements are often positioned above water reserves, effectively stealing water as well as land.

(Palestine Chronicle, AJE, Social Media)

Palestinians: 15-year-old Killed in Clash With Israeli Army

By The Associated Press.
Published by Haaretz
March 11,2020

JERUSALEM (AP) — The Palestinian health ministry on Wednesday said Israeli troops shot and killed a 15-year-old boy during clashes near the West Bank city of Nablus.

The ministry says Mohammed Hamayel was shot in the head by a live bullet during confrontations with Israeli soldiers in the village of Beita and died in a hospital shortly after. The Israeli military had no immediate comment on the incident.

Dozens of Palestinians were protesting at the site in response to what they called an Israeli plan to confiscate land for nearby settlements. Palestinian witnesses said the Israeli military arrived to disperse the protest, and the protesters began hurling stones at the soldiers. The witnesses said the Israeli forces responded with tear gas and rubber-coated bullets.

The health ministry, however, said the deceased was struck by a live bullet.

Clashes often erupt in the Israeli-occupied West Bank between Palestinian protesters and the Israeli military, which typically uses non-lethal means to disperse the crowds.

Israel captured in the West Bank in the 1967 Mideast war along with east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, territories the Palestinians want for their future state.

The Israeli settlement watchdog group Peace Now said late last month that Israel is moving forward on plans to build more than 1,700 homes for settlers in the West Bank.

The approvals came weeks after the Trump administration unveiled its long-anticipated Mideast plan, which sides with Israel on many of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s main points of contention.

It envisions Israel annexing parts of the West Bank, including its 120 settlements and the 500,000 settlers who live there. It falls short of granting the Palestinians a state, offering them limited autonomy over disjointed chunks of land but only if they meet a set of stringent demands that would require them to drastically alter what has been their baseline for negotiations for decades.
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