Palestinian Worker in Israel, Stabbed in the Neck by Group of Israelis

12:00 Sep 16 2020 Ashdod

Palestinian Worker in Israel, Stabbed in the Neck by Group of Israelis
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by IMEMC News
Sept 18, 2020

A young Palestinian man, Wednesday, was stabbed by Israeli citizens inside Israel, where he is employed, the Palestinian Information Center reported.

The young man, identified by local sources as Issa Abu Halil, 30, from Dura town in Hebron, in the southern West Bank, suffered moderate injuries after being stabbed in the neck by more than one Israeli, near his workplace.

Abu Halil was transferred to Ashdod Hospital, in Ashdod, the largest port in Israel, located south of Tel Aviv in the Southern district, on the Mediterranean coast.

The Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported that a group of Israelis attacked and stabbed the young man, while he was at work.

It added that he sustained moderate wounds to his neck as well as other areas, and was reported in stable condition.

No arrests were noted, and none of the Israeli perpetrators were identified.

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