On 55th Anniversary of Fateh Movement, Israel Detains Two of its Members, Summons One

12:00 Jan 1 2020 East Jerusalem: Wadi al-Joz and al-Isawiya (Issawiya) neighborhood

On 55th Anniversary of Fateh Movement, Israel Detains Two of its Members, Summons One
Mahmoud Abbas. Credit: Al-Shabaka Published by IMEMC News

Edited for IMEMC: Ali Salam

Israeli forces detained, Wednesday afternoon, Fateh secretary general, Shadi Mtour, hours after invading his home and handing his family a summons for him, the Palestinian News and Info Agency reported.

Mtour was detained in Wadi al-Joz neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem, in an effort to prevent any activities by the Fateh movement, marking 55 years since its launch.

Another Fateh activist, Yaser Darwish, from al-‘Isawiya neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, was also detained in an early morning incursion into his home, while a third activist was summoned for interrogation at a Jerusalem police station.

The campaign against Fateh activists in the city came as a warning by Israel against holding any activity in the occupied city to mark 55 years since the launch of Fateh movement.

Police removed several Fateh banners from poles in different neighborhoods of occupied East Jerusalem, mainly in Silwan, al-Tur and al-‘Isawiya.

Israel does not allow any Palestinian political activity in the occupied section of the city, despite signed agreements allowing such activities.

Image: Al-Shabaka
Edited for IMEMC: Ali Salam

Shadi Mtour detained 1/1/2020
Yaser Darwish detained 1/1/2020
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