Israel Demolishes House in Anata, near Jerusalem

06:00 Jan 24 2012 Anata

ERUSALEM, January 24, 2012 (WAFA) – Israeli bulldozers Tuesday demolished a Palestinian-owned house in Anata, a town northeast of Jerusalem, under the pretext that it was build without a permit, said the house owner.

Ahmad al-Lhalyeh said Israeli forces raided at dawn his house, located near the Israeli camp of Anatot, and forced his family of 20 members to leave their residence before demolishing it.

Israeli police handed the unemployed al-Lhalyeh a demolition notice on January 18, and gave him a three-day notice to demolish his own house, said the lawyer assigned to al-Lhalyeh’s case by the National Committee against the Apartheid Wall in Ramallah, Hussam Younis.

He said that Israel demolished the house before he had a chance to file an objection to the Israeli Supreme Court, adding that Israeli authorities demolished another house for al-Lhalyeh in 1996, under the pretext of building with no permission.


from Grassroots Jerusalem

Anata House demolition Emergency Assessment: GJ Report January 24, 2012

● This report is based on community input.

● 8 structures were demolished:
6 separate housing structures (located in the Anata- Arab AlJahalin encampment)
For further community input contact:
AlMokhtar Abdallah Sulieman Al Jahalin: 0522-589 558

Family Households:
Mousa’s family
8 individuals
1 father, 1 mother and 6 children under the age of 16

Yousef’s family
7 individuals
1 father, 1 mother and 5 children under the age of 16

Jibreen’s family
1 brother (Jibreen) and 1 sister

Miram’s family
1 widow, lives with 5 children only one is under the age of 16

Jamilla’s family
1 father, 1 mother, 3 children under the age of 16

Ahmad’s Family
1 father, 1 mother, 3 children under the age of 16

● Overview of demolition:
The encampment received demolition orders a few months ago, but 3 days ago the orders were again given. The soldiers arrived at 10:30pm and the demolition of this encampment was complete by 1 AM. One home received a demolition order but was not demolished, community members believe this was because of where it was located and the fact that the tractor could not reach it.

● There were 7 activists on the scene. These report being beaten up by the IDF and when requesting a warrant, and were never shown one.

● Overview of living conditions:
The homes in the Anata encampment where destroyed. The foundations remain. Some of the foundations were cracked under the weight of the tractor. Some of the items inside the home including beds, dishes and furniture were removed, but the majority of possessions were destroyed or remain under ruble at this time. The women had rebuilt a makeshift kitchen in an animal stall, but it is not sufficient over the long term.

Grassroots Jerusalem جراس روتس القدس
Al-Sheikh Jarrah - Jerusalem الشيخ جراح - القدس

● Community members note that raw materials are urgently needed to rebuild homes. They have expressed concern about the coming rain on Thursday. Electricity, and water lines have been cut. Some 3 water tanks were destroyed. There is no available inside shelter at this time for those effected by the demolition.

Emergency needs:
Building materials:
Wood boards X 36 each 3 to 4 meters long
Tin sheeting for the roofs x 60 boards
Plastic tarps to protect the homes from the rain

Housing materials:
Mattress’s sheets and covers
Camping stove with fuel
Supplies to help keep warm in the night
Kitchen Supplies
Warm clothing for everyone (especially children)
Special requests:
Sewing machine (to replace the destroyed one)
Closet- the are very upset that they have lost a place to put there things. Family members have noted a clothes closet would help to stabilize the displaced children who experienced a major trauma last night.

Ahmads House: 1 Stand Alone House
Contact: 056 9285 373
This home is not a Jahalin home, it is located a 5 minute drive from the Anata Jahalin encampment.

Ahmad Omar Hillel Alahly family:
1 father, 2 mothers, 17 children, 3 children are adult women, 14 children under the age of 16

The house was demolished In 2006. It was rebuilt last summer with support of the ICAHD summer camp.

The demolition occurred after the demolitions in the Anata Jahalin encampment. The IDF forces had left by 1:30am. They later returned at 2:00 AM for this home.
This house was demolished at 3:20 AM. The infant children are now living at relatives and neighbors homes.

1 Community Center: Beit Arabia
This building has been rebuilt 5 times with ICAHD. ICAHD staff were on the scene during the demolitions, and during the following day.

1 father, 1 mother and 1 son under the age of 16

Updates will be provided (probably through ICAHD) in regard to required support and materials
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