Israeli Soldiers Injure Fifty Palestinians In Al-‘Isawiya

18:00 Jun 28 2019 al-Issawiya (Isawiya)

by IMEMC News
June 29, 2019 3:49 AM

Israeli soldiers injured more than fifty Palestinians, in an invasion into the al-Isawiya town, north of occupied East Jerusalem, starting on Friday evening, when the army killed a young man, until dawn hours, Saturday.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said its medics provided treatment to 50 Palestinians; 37 of them were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets, 7 suffered the effects of teargas inhalation, and six others who suffered fractures or bruises.

The PRCS added that the soldiers surrounded the town and installed many military roadblocks, before searching its ambulances, and prevented some of them from entering it.

The soldiers also searched many cars, and interrogated the Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

In addition, the soldiers closed and isolated Be’er Ayyoub neighborhood, while many local youngsters hurled stones at them, and some threw Molotov cocktails and used fireworks against the invading soldiers.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted many Palestinians youngsters, and took them to several detention and interrogation center in Jerusalem.

On Thursday evening, the soldiers injured more than thirty Palestinians, when the army invaded the town, before storming and ransacking many shops and homes, and assaulted Palestinian protesters.

The soldiers also killed a young man, identified as Mohammad Samir Obeid, 21, and injured many others, before imposing a strict siege on the town.

Red Crescent: 90 Wounded in East Jerusalem Clashes After Palestinian Killed by Police

An additional 19 Palestinians were arrested in clashes that have continued since the shooting of Mohammed Samir Abid, who police say threw lit firecrackers at them, endangering their lives

by Nir Hasson for Haaretz
Jun 29, 2019 11:52 AM

Israeli police wounded 90 Palestinians with foam-tipped bullets during clashes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiyah early Saturday morning, which broke out after the fatal shooting of Mohammed Samir Abid by police on Thursday, and continued after his death.

Following the clashes, police arrested 19 Palestinians. Abid, 20, was shot on Thursday, with police saying he had thrown lit firecrackers at them at close range, endangering their lives.

On Friday, an Israeli court denied a request by Abid's family to release his body. Police had told the court that they fear riots will break out during his funeral. According to the court order, the police must declare when they will release Abid's body within two days.

On Thursday night, Isawiyah's community administration building – seen by locals as a symbol of cooperation between the neighborhood and the Israeli authorities – was burned down completely. Residents reinitiated the riots on Friday, which continued throughout the night. In response, police raided the village and arrested suspects.

Additional incidents of arson occurred in Kafr Aqab, a Palestinian village located within the municipal boundaries but separated from most of the city by the West Bank security barrier, after residents threw Molotov cocktails.

Other residents of Isawiyah were wounded by rubber bullets in clashes with security forces on Thursday. The clashes continued at the hospital, after residents who accompanied those who were injured got into a confrontation with police forces.

Residents of Isawiyah said Abid was recently released from an Israeli prison after serving a five-year sentence for throwing stones. A witness at the scene told Haaretz that Abid was shot “by three shots from a pistol, at close range … I couldn’t save him, he died in my arms. What happened this evening requires everyone to understand that we cannot remain complacent in the face of such crimes.”
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